Pretty Party Rentals adds New Entertainment Options

In an effort to give you what you want this summer, Pretty Party Rentals is adding new entertainment options to its lineup.

Pony Rides

Spice up your kids party by getting two ponies for them and their friends to ride during the birthday party. This will certainly add a new level of excitement to all of the other festivities that are going on. Additionally, this will teach the kids more about these beautiful, magnificent creatures and get them up close and personal with nature. Make their next birthday party an event to remember by adding ponies to the mix. The prices are very reasonable for an hour of riding. You can also rent these horses if you and your friends or significant other want to go riding on the beach or on a nature trail for an enjoyable and relaxing day out in nature.

Train Rides

The miniature train rides are sure to bring a smile to all of the little ones faces as they ride through the neighborhood with all of their friends and family. These colorful wonders come in a variety of shapes and sizes and brings back the nostalgia of a bygone era that our kinds might not have gotten opportunity to experience but for the colorful, little miniature trains. You can also book these babies by the hour and request multiple cars depending on the amount of children you want to take per ride around the block. The conductor comes dressed like an old style train conductor and will take the little ones and some adults around the block of your community multiple times. Here is a picture perfect opportunity to take lots of pictures that will be remembered and cherished for many years. Don’t pass up such a wonderful opportunity to bring lots of smiles to the little ones faces.

Bahamian Junkanoo Celebration

Having a more adult party and want to create that carnival style atmosphere? Then you want to consider inviting the Bahamian Junkanoo group to perform at your next corporate party, birthday party or other big shindig. The Bahamian Junkanoo group gives your event into that Caribbean Carnival style vibe. They come dressed in colorful feathery costumes and come with the traditional goatskin drums, cowbells, horns, and whistles that when they start playing everyone will get up and jump in and join the celebration. They also come with a dance section where the pretty girls put on a sexy, vibing dance that is sure to get everyone all excited. These Junkanoo groups can also come with limbo dancers, and fire dancers/fire breathers. One thing is guaranteed, if you feature the Bahamian Junkanoo group at your next big event it will be the most talked about event for years to come. You can request as little or as many individuals as you want. You can also pick out how many drummers, cowbellers, and hornsmen you want at your celebration because you get to customize the experience exactly to your liking.

DJ’s and Live Band

Pretty Party Rentals has also added a good selection of DJs and a couple of live bands to its product offering. If your event calls for a live band then we have just the thing for you. We can put together the exact combination of a live band that you are looking for. Whether you want just a live vocalist all the way up to a 10 piece band complete with a horn section. Most events typically call for a 5-piece band with a lead vocalist, drums, keyboard, guitar and bass. We can customize a package based on your specific needs as your event dictates. Our bands know and have learned to play all of the classics from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s and today’s modern music. They can customize the music to your specific tastes and event requirements on an as needed basis.

Our DJs have the widest selection of music and can customize their playlists to your specific needs and tastes. They can also accommodate any unique requests that you may have on the spot by downloading the specific songs requested by your guests on the spot immediately so that the music keeps on flowing without interrupting the flow and the vibe of the party. If you have specific requests for the live band and/or DJs simply provide us with a detailed list of your requirements and we will put together the music for your event with sufficient advanced notice. We can work directly with you to come up with a customized list of songs to progression your guests through various styles of music or eras or feelings. The can make various announcements and handle the overall hosting of the party so that including inviting folks out onto the dance floor to dance.
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