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Cheapest Delivery
Rate in town

10x20 Tent $150

TNT102001 10 ft. x 20 ft. Tent $150

Bounce House $100

BH1301 13 ft. Bounce House $100

Cotton Candy Machine $55

MCCC01 Cotton Candy Machine $55

Snow Cone Machine $55
MCSC01 Snow Cone Machine $55

Event Tent Rentals

Whether you are having a birthday party, wedding or baby shower outside you want to consider an event tent. You can get event tents starting at 10 feet by 10 feet on up to 20 foot wide by 60 feet in length. Each tent size has different seating capacities depending on whether your using just chairs or rectangular tables and chairs or round tables and chairs. You can check the seating charts on our website to determine the best tent size to accommodate the amount of guests you are having at your event. We rent heavy duty commercial tents so that you can rest assured that you and your guests safety and security is assured. Wen ensure that the tents are srt up securely and strapped down to the ground with proper roping and stakes to guard against heavy wind gusts that may pop up here in South Florida.

Tent Siding and other Accessories

When you rent your tent you want to look at getting other accessories to complete the look and feel of your event so that it looks complete. Things to consider include tent siding. The tent siding can be used to keep out the elements when it is hot, cold, or raining outside. You can get tent siding in clear or white with windows. If the weather is excessively hot or cold then you can also rent portable fans, a heater or an air conditioner to keep the temperature in your tent ideal. When renting a portable heater or air conditioner you want to take into account the cubic measurement of the tent so that you get the correct size heating or cooling unit for the size of your tent. If you get something that is not rated for the size of the tent it will not do the job and you and your guests will be disappointed and you will be out the rental money to boot.

Tent Lighting, Ice Chests, Bars, Generators, DJ Equipment

Other accessories to consider include tent lighting, ice chests, portable bars, electrical generators and DJ Equipment. If your event will go on late into the night then outdoor tent lights will be necessary. You can rent string globe lights, chandelier style lights and even post lights. The string globe lights are the most popular and can span the length of the tent with a globe light every 3 to 4 feet on each side.

Portable Generators

If your event is at a remote location you may have to consider renting a portable generator. make sure the generator is located a good distance from the tent so that the sound of the generator does not disturb your guests and so that the fumes don’t get inhaled by anyone. Never placed the generator on the tent under any circumstances because the result will be deadly.

Here's a list of the Tents we rent and their capacity based on the style of your party or event, so you'll have an idea of the size you need: (you can use the link on the tent sizes)
Tent Sizes (ft) Dinner/Seated Buffet Style Cocktail Style Rental Price
10x10 10-12 - - $100
10x20 35 - - $150
20x20 40 50 65 $250
20x30 60 75 100 $350
20x40 80 100 130 $459
30x30 90 110 150 $520
20x60 120 150 200 $700

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Note: All prices in US Dollars

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